First of all, welcome to our site.

We are just people who like languages and enjoy it when we are learning and practicing any of them. We are interested in languages, every language in the world. And we know that to learn a second language may require effort and time.

We also know how important and nice is to put into practice what we are studying.
On this purpose, this site intends to help any learners out to practice their favorite language/s.
None requirement is demanded here, just to be 17 years old or over and the will and purpose of practicing another language.

Working on theory, grammar and vocabulary are important to learn a second language, but probably the most instrumental part to succeed in your goal is to converse with native people, either writing or speaking (here you will be able to find native speakers and help each other).
And what is more important, it may be the most joyful part as well. This is what we would like you to feel when you are practicing with other people through this site, and we provide this site for you to work and enjoy on that important part of any process of learning a language.
We would like this site to be, as well, a little window where people from all around the world and people who speak any languages come and get to meet more people and more languages.

There are about six thousand languages spoken in the world. Less than half have writing systems.
We haven't listed all on this web, just part of them. If you speak a language that isn't on our list, and are interested in using this site to find a partner just let us know; we will be happy to add your native language to the list.

For further information about this site, please have a look at the terms of service through the link " ToS " at the bottom of the page, or check out the Frequently Answered Questions on the link " FAQ ".
We hope that you enjoy this site regardless how long you stay.

As you are the main reason why this site was created, feel free to send us any feed back. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome and will help us improve this website.
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